Clearance of goods from customs is a process through which the owner of the goods or his legal representative completes the affairs and formalities of import and export of goods, and removes the cargo from the customs warehouses. In this process, customs clearance is the work of the legal representative. is that he has mastered the regulations of customs clearance, and can expertly clear the goods in the least time and cost.

Whose job is clearance and what does it do in the clearance process?

Clearance is a real or legal person who performs customs clearance on behalf of the importer or exporter of goods.

Clearance work as a representative of the goods owner can complete some administrative measures, even before the arrival of the goods, and reduce costs and clearance time.

Whenever the cargo enters the country's customs by sea, land and air transportation, the work permit with the shipping documents goes to the relevant customs and receives the warehouse bill.

Due to the electronicization of financial documents, the work clearance may carry out endorsements, declaration of origin of currency and receipt of SATA code from the bank.

The goods are then declared in the EPL system, and if not subject to financial exemption, the amount of customs duty is determined and paid. Then, according to the conditions, the goods may be placed in one of the three green, yellow, or red paths.

For information about the clearance conditions and costs, please call 021-88343667 and 021-88346235.

What are the duties of work clearance?

Work clearance must be familiar with customs terms and concepts and know the rules and regulations well.

With mastery over customs procedures and formalities, she can classify different goods and determine the value of each item, based on the rules of Inco Termez, declared value and inferred value.

knows the import and export permits, and according to them, she prepares the customs documents and commercial documents necessary to register the declaration.

On the other hand, the work clearance is familiar with the principles of warehousing and customs procedures, and can recognize the documents issued by the customs well. He will accompany your goods in each of the evaluation routes with the nobleness he has towards customs procedures and regulations, and in case of any violation or customs dispute, he will follow up the problems in the dispute resolution authorities.

Who is the customs work fee and what are the conditions for receiving the work fee card?

The duty of labor right appears to be very similar to the duty of clearance, but in fact, the duties of the two may be slightly different.

The duty of labor right appears to be very similar to the duty of clearance, but in fact, the duties of the two may be slightly different.

  • At least 25 years old
  • Lack of employment in government jobs
  • Lack of employment in government jobs
  • No bad history
  • Accepting the customs exam

In addition, conventionally, the right of action is known as the person who carries out the transaction in his own name, but on behalf of the client. According to this definition, it is possible to distinguish between the duties of work clearance and the right to work.