What is the customs clearance of Bandar Abbas? Due to the strategic location of this geographical area in Iran, customs clearance is done in different ways. You have to go through several important steps for clearance. You can use the list of Bandar Abbas clearance companies and use their services to facilitate this process.

The high volume of export and import of goods in this region has caused an increase in the rules governing trade in Bandar Abbas. Despite these rules, some of which have been strictly enforced, many people have problems clearing their goods and use the services of clearance companies. In the following, you will get to know more about some of these companies and their services.

For information about the clearance conditions and costs, please call 021-88343667 and 021-88346235.

Clearance companies from Bandar Abbas

Clearance of goods from Bandar Abbas customs is done easily by using the services of companies operating in this field. You can safely leave this process to them by trusting the services of these centers. Relying on their long history in clearing various commercial goods, these companies help people to pass their goods through Iran's borders. Arianajam company is one of the companies that provide you these services in the best way and at the most suitable price with their experienced and skilled experts.

This company is familiar with all kinds of laws that exist in this field and guides the customers and receives small fees for its consulting services. You can entrust the follow-up of all matters related to the clearance of your goods to the goods clearance company from Bandar Abbas. Arianajam company provides you with the required services with official and legal licenses.

List of dischargers of Bandar Abbas

To benefit from these services, you must first have the list of Bandar Abbas clearance workers and familiarize yourself with the legal centers providing these services. Then you have to provide these people with a set of required documents to clear your goods. After submitting these documents, all matters related to the follow-up of goods and their clearance procedures will be done under the supervision of experts in this field with the best quality. In this way, you will make the best use of their services. These companies will greatly reduce the timing of these steps and save your time and energy.

Bandar Abbas customs system

The customs clearance of Bandar Abbas will be done in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. These companies monitor the customs rules for the passage of all goods needed in the country and in this way they prevent problems in these commercial sectors.

The Bandar Abbas customs system also pays attention to the defined ISO standards and operates based on the existing policies in this sector. The list of goods that cross the country's borders is also included in these rules. In this way, the integration of the management system of our country will be done easily. All kinds of household and office appliances, all kinds of cars, machines and tools also cross the borders of our country in these sectors and their clearance procedures will be done according to the existing laws. We will review these steps briefly below.

  • Preparation of tax returns:

    In the first place, the stage of preparing tax returns will be done. During this stage, all tax documents are submitted to the Customs and Clearance of Commercial Goods Organization.

  • Documents related to health certificates:

    Then it comes to the documents related to the health certificates of the products, which documents should also be referred to the mentioned organization.

  • Step of matching the received documents:

    In the following stage, the matching of received documents is also done and it is done well with the presence of experts related to this organization. The desired products will be checked by customs experts and their accuracy and compliance with the provided documents will be checked. Finally, clearance permits are provided and given to people.

  • In the next step:

    Once again, the products will be controlled and permits will be issued for their clearance and the entry of items into the country.

Customs clearance in Bandar Abbas compared to Tehran

Customs clearance in Bandar Abbas has many similarities with the clearance process in Tehran. In general, the stages that are carried out during the process of goods clearance from Tehran customs are very similar to the process of goods clearance from Bandar Abbas. For this reason, it is better to pay attention to the services of clearance companies in this sector.

Current costs in the implementation of these steps are one of the most important things that people consider for clearance. These costs are determined based on the country importing the product, the type of products, their number, etc., and the clearance companies determine these costs based on these parameters. To get more information about customs clearance in Tehran, you can communicate with the experts of these companies and get the information you need in this field reliably.


During this report, we briefly familiarized with the customs clearance process of Bandar Abbas and reviewed some of the most important steps in the implementation of this process, which we hope will be useful. As you know, customs laws are applied to prevent financial and commercial abuses. and their existence is considered very necessary. It should be noted that all these steps are carefully carried out by Arianajm goods clearance company and the goods you want will be cleared as soon as possible.