As you know, after entering the country's borders, any type of imported goods must enter the customs centers so that the goods clearance from Tehran is completely legal and the related processes are carried out. Due to being the capital, Tehran is very important in the field of customs.

Tehran, as the capital of Iran, has several land and air customs centers that are used by many importers and merchants. In the following, we would like to introduce you the procedures of goods clearance.

Since many of the country's major economic and financial activities take place in the capital, Tehran, most businessmen use Tehran customs centers to clear their goods. For this purpose, a large part of imported goods are processed through Tehran customs.

Considering the importance of the goods clearance process, it is better for importers and traders to be fully familiar with the procedures of goods clearance from Tehran customs. to clear their goods in the shortest possible time.

One of the most important points about Tehran customs centers is that each center carries out a special classification of goods. So dear merchants should pay attention to this point when clearing goods.

For information about the clearance conditions and costs, please contact the numbers 021-88343667 and 021-88346235.

Clearance centers from Tehran

As mentioned, Tehran has several land and air customs centers. It is better to be fully familiar with Tehran customs in order to complete the clearance process of your goods as soon as possible.

In the following, we introduce the main customs centers:

  • Shahriar customs
  • Imam Khomeini airport customs
  • customs post
  • Customs west of Tehran
  • Mehrabad customs
  • South Tehran Customs
  • Exhibition customs
  • Payam Special Zone Customs
صادرات در فروردین ۸۰ درصد رشد کرد

Shahriar customs

Shahriyar goods clearance center is one of the main customs centers of Tehran, which is located in the center of Shahriyar city. This customs center, having many market warehouses, has taken on a large volume of product imports. South Tehran Customs, West Tehran Town and Tehran Exhibition are under the collection of this customs.

Imam Khomeini airport customs

The main center for air import and export in Tehran is Imam Khomeini Customs. If you intend to import by air, you should consider Tehran's Imam Khomeini air clearance center. Mehrabad customs centers as well as postal deposits are under the collection of this customs.

Customs west of Tehran

Tehran's goods clearance center in the west, i.e. West Tehran Customs, is used for land import and export. This customs center is located on the 11th kilometer of the old Tehran-Karaj road. From the activities of this customs center, we can mention definitive imports, definitive exports, temporary entry, temporary exit, foreign transit of origin, origin and destination carnets, and judicial customs.

Clearance center from Tehran

It is a difficult and difficult process to fully understand all the methods and routes of goods clearance from Tehran and related laws. If the merchant is not fully familiar with these rules and methods, in addition to wasting time, he may suffer financial loss.

As we said, Tehran has many different clearance centers, each of which has its own rules and characteristics. It is very difficult to learn the clearance methods and rules of all these centers.

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