Imam airport customs is one of the most important active customs in the country, so that most of the goods imported into the country through air borders are loaded and cleared by this customs. Since the beginning of this airport, apart from the travel formalities, a small part of it has been allocated to the commercial sector, based on the customs merger plan, the Postal Deposit Customs and Mehrabad Customs are operating under the supervision of this customs. Imam Khomeini airport customs is one of the most important and popular trading bases of those traders who import essential and sensitive goods. In the following, we will try to familiarize you with the customs clearance process of Imam Khomeini Airport by introducing Imam Khomeini Customs and explaining how to clear goods from this customs.

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The importance of airport customs clearance

Considering the manner of clearing this customs and having high experience in customs matters, you will undoubtedly not face any problem in terms of speed and cost reduction through cooperation with this collection. The clearance process will help a lot in reducing costs and speeding up your work. Import clearance processes will reduce many of the initial costs of your business. Therefore, if you intend to import the imported goods of your business into the country through air borders and through the customs of Imam Khomeini Airport, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the clearance of all types of goods of this customs.

All kinds of goods cleared from Imam Khomeini airport customs

In general, we have several types of goods for customs clearance at Imam Khomeini Airport:

ترخیص کالا از گمرک فرودگاه

Customs clearance benefits of Imam Khomeini Airport

  • The airport customs office is located thirty kilometers south of Tehran and with an area of ​​27,856 square meters, it can accept more than 30 thousand tons of goods and cargo at the moment. So you can complete the clearance process as quickly as possible.
  • Its large and well-equipped warehouses are ready for loading at any time of the day and night, as well as equipped cold storage facilities with a volume of 66 tons for the import of food products, which guarantees the speed and accuracy of this customs office.
  • This customs has a very convenient location, which is very effective in speeding up the clearance and delivery of goods. The airport customs office is very close to the transit highways and the city of Tehran and is operating 24 hours a day.
  • Imam Airport is one of the largest air borders of the country, where more than half a billion imported goods enter the country through the airport's customs every year. This customs is one of the top ten customs in the world.
  • Another advantage of Imam Khomeini airport customs is the capacity to receive more than 15,000 passengers daily, which has turned it into a special air customs and passenger airport.

What goods are cleared from Imam airport customs?

Imam Khomeini airport customs operates in six areas. The first and second areas are related to commercial affairs, the third area is related to postal deposits, the fourth area is related to travel affairs, and the fifth and sixth areas are also related to oil specialized customs.

In general, air import includes goods with low volume and weight. Goods that are not large and heavy in terms of volume and weight, often enter the country through air borders, especially the customs of Imam Khomeini Airport. Goods that generally require immediate clearance are also moved through air transportation. Although large volume goods can be transported by air, their transportation costs are very high.

But in general, the imported goods at Imam Khomeini airport customs include goods such as medical and dental equipment, cloth, precious metals, goods belonging to embassies, cosmetics and hygiene products, seeds and seedlings, cigarettes and tobacco, mobile phones and accessories, faucets. sanitary, photographic and security cameras, rubber glue, toys, car carpet and jewelry.

Final word:

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